Sreela Kalesh (780) 429-5956

About Sreela

Sreela Kalesh is a walking, talking encyclopedia of condo knowledge. With 17 years of experience in the administration industry and a Bachelor’s Degree from an English Literature course, Sreela Kalesh will be able to train new administrative assistants on their skills. She also ensures they are well versed with condo division processes as well as techniques so that everything runs smoothly for Onboarding projects.

She loves this role because it allows her to share her knowledge with the new hires and help them achieve success. Being there for others has always been important in Sreela’s life; she is always ready to provide emotional guidance when others need support. She is more than happy to provide whatever assistance one might require!

Her professional goals are to continue learning and improving her administrative knowledge to become a management professional. She also strives for better organization skills, gives new hires guidance that will be most beneficial towards success with all of their responsibilities, and is an excellent role model for her kids.