What Moves You? Edmonton’s LRT Expansion Plan

Edmonton City Council has adopted a long-term LRT Network Plan that defines the future size, scale and operation of Edmonton’s LRT system. The LRT Network Plan balances Edmonton’s long-term transportation needs with a commitment to grow green and create a compact, integrated urban environment featuring a high-quality, accessible transportation mode.

The Edmonton LRT expansion plan will feature low-floor technology will likely be adopted for any new LRT line that does not physically tie into the existing LRT system. Some sectors such as the West will require premium bus service to supplement LRT service. An important thing to remember is that LRT lines not tying into the existing LRT system will feature surface (street-level) operation and will provide convenient connections to the existing LRT system in multiple locations.

What is Low-Floor Urban LRT?

As the Southeast to West LRT line develops, new low-floor LRT technology will be used. Passengers will be able to connect to the high-floor LRT system, preserving the City’s ability to increase frequency of service on the existing system. Low-floor LRT will operate at street level, traveling at the speed of traffic. In areas between stops, it will function like any other part of the Urban Low-Floor LRT in North America.

Current and Planned Expansion Projects for the City of Edmonton’s Future LRT:

  1. Valley Line (SE to West LRT): Mill Woods to Lewis Farms
    Groundbreaking Ceremony — April 22, 2016. Valley Line LRT construction officially launched on April 22 with a groundbreaking ceremony at the future Muttart Stop.
  2. Metro Line (North LRT to NAIT)
    Update — April 2016: The City of Edmonton and its advisors are working closely with Thales Rail Signaling Solutions to get the Metro Line operating at full speed, and advancements are being made.
  3. Capital Line (Clareview to Gorman)
    Preliminary engineering for an LRT extension north of Clareview station was completed in 2010. The City will move forward to design and construction once funding becomes available.
  4. Metro Line (NAIT to North City Limits)
    The Northwest LRT will travel from NAIT to a future site planned at the northwest city limits. It will also provide an opportunity for a future connection to St. Albert.
  5. Capital Line (South LRT to Heritage Valley)
    In July 2008, Council approved the Concept Plan for the South LRT Extension from Century Park to the south city limit. Preliminary Engineering from Century Park to Ellerslie Road was completed in 2010.
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