Waste Disposal in Commercial Properties: Part 1

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One of the easiest ways to cut down on and eliminate unnecessary costs is to properly manage your investment’s waste disposal. Quite simply, an apartment or condo building with garbage and litter strewn about is the fastest way to lose tenants. If owners want to avoid this, they have almost no option but to bite the bullet and clean the mess up.

The best way of dealing with this issue is to try and stop the mess before it starts. For example, putting accessible waste bins in the common areas is a no brainer. Some people (not all) are lazy and if there isn’t a can or bin handy they will throw their garbage on the ground. That’s just the way it is. Rather than putting the blame on human nature, make sure there are lots of place for people to put their trash.

It is also important to make sure that the main garbage and recycling bins are in a place that is easily accessible for the city workers to pick up. If you have to move your garbage bins out of a parkade or alley every week then you are going to be wasting time and energy – best to put them in one place and leave them there.

Most buildings have access to recycling programs, and by fostering a culture that supports using these resources, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Most people understand that recycling is better for the environment and saves us all money in the long run. 

Here are some tips that you can post around your buildings to encourage recycling: (novascotia.ca)

  • Avoid disposables. Switch to reusables, like cloth napkins, at home. That cuts down on the amount of garbage created.
  • Buy durable products that are long lasting. It’s no bargain to buy a cheap product only to have to replace it, and create garbage, after a short time.
  • Look for products and appliances that are easy to repair. Often times an appliance can be repaired to avoid throwing it away.
  • Avoid over-packaged products. Packaging accounts for one-third of all our garbage. Not all of it is necessary. Choose products that are not excessively wrapped.

Here are some ideas about how to re-use items instead of throwing them away: (novascotia.ca)

  • Take your shopping bags back to the store when you go shopping. Reuse your plastic shopping bags or better yet, use cloth shopping bags that can be used over and over.
  • Send old furniture and clothing to a second-hand shop or charity.
  • Look at renting equipment or pooling seldom used equipment with your neighbours instead of buying your own.
  • Repair rather than replace where possible.
  • Recycle even if you don’t have access to a recycling program, you can still participate in recycling in your area.
  • Patronize the Recycling Depots. You can bring all your beverage containers to the Recycling Depot to collect your refund. They also accept newspaper, corrugated cardboard and milk cartons for recycling.
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