5 Must Haves in Condo Welcome Packages

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Today’s going to be a great day. It’s time to put on your welcome hat, and welcome the new condo owners or residents to the building! What’s more exciting than meeting new people and making new friends?

A welcome package filled with treats would probably be much appreciated during move in, but that’s not the kind of welcome package we’re talking about today.   

A condo welcome package is a great idea that helps familiarize new residents with the building. Providing the contained information to them at the beginning of their residency will help avoid confusion and will address possible questions they may have about their new home.  

So what exactly should go in the welcome package? Here’s some must haves you need to include.  

1. Condo Bylaws: Condo bylaws are important resources for new condo residents who don’t yet know the ins-and-outs of your building. They’ll learn about the processes for condo board meetings, what power you hold as a director, and about the collection of fees. Although they may not read it, they’ll have easy access to them if they do need to.  

2. Fee Information: The last thing you should include in the welcome package is fee information and payment methods. They should know when the fees are due each month and what methods are available for them to pay. Providing this information can help reduce the number of late payments and payment questions.  

3. Information Collection Forms: There will be some information you’ll still need to gather from the new resident. Providing these forms to them can speed up the process and hopefully get them returned faster. You should include a form asking for relevant owner or tenant information (i.e.) the owner’s mailing address if they aren’t living in the unit. Having this information is important in case they need to be notified of important changes.  

If your building allows pets, you should also include a pet registration form in the welcome package. Having the form in front of them will increase the chances of it getting filled out promptly because you’ve done half the work. Having this information about their pet ensures the animal is healthy and safe to be around.  

4. Contact Information Sheet: This is arguably the most important sheet for your new condo owner to have. If their fridge dies, heater quits, or pipes burst, it’s imperative they know who to contact and at what numbers. The sooner they call, the less damage may occur. They may also need someone to talk to if they’re having problems with neighbours. Make sure the Braden Equities Inc. phone number is listed on the sheet, along with the board member who’s responsible for resident relations.   

5. Miscellaneous Documents: There’s a lot of things to know about when you move into a new building and including miscellaneous documents in your welcome package will aide in the learning process. You should include documents pertaining to specific rules (renovations, security, etc.), amenities (pool or gym), moving in and out procedures, garbage and recycling, fire safety information, intercom setup, and visitor information (parking). Including this information can help decrease the chances of annoying other owners. 

Welcome packages are great for new condo owners because they relay a lot of crucial information. Including the above must-haves in your package will prepare the owner for day-to-day living and speed up the information collection process. When you deliver it, put on a smile and make sure you emphasize the importance of reading the included material. Leaving them with a cookie will make their move in a lot better too.

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