7 Ways to Reduce Your Lawn Maintenance

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When it comes to the common lawn spaces in condo and apartment buildings, some owners are deciding that less is more. That means less mowing, less edging, less fertilizing and less weeding, which in turn means lower costs and more time to focus on other tasks.

Many investors and property owners who make changes to their lawn reduce its size in some way -- for example, replacing grass with a patio, flowerbeds or even artificial turf.

The popularity of grass is somewhat fading today, however, as widespread drought, increasing water costs and the costs of traditional lawn maintenance have led many to look for alternatives. Essentially, the more grass that you have, the more you will pay.

Here are 7 things that you can use to replace your costly lawn: (www.cleveland.com)

  • Shrubs - Shrubs around the perimeter of a yard reduce lawn space and add a sense of privacy. Evergreens will block views from neighbors and also take up lawn space.
  • Ground Covers - There are many varieties available, including flowering ground covers that offer colour and add emphasis to the seasons. During the first year, new plantings of ground cover will require weeding, but once established, little care is needed.
  • Native Flowers and Ornamental Grasses - Replacing lawn with beds of native plants is probably among the easiest and least-expensive lawn-reduction methods. Native plants thrive in the regional climate and soil and are thrive without lots of water and fertilizer.
  • Mulch - Permanent mulches, such as bark chips and gravel, can be used to replace lawn under trees and other areas. Bark chips and gravel require landscaping cloth to be placed on the bare soil. The mulch is added on top.
  • Trees - When planting a tree, depending on the size, a large section of turf is taken away. Make sure that you find out how tall and wide the tree will be at maturity, and whether it will interfere with power lines or anything else.
  • Prairies and Meadows - People who have a lot of property might consider meadows or prairies. They aren’t maintenance-free, but there is no mowing. They also provide beauty with flowers, birds and butterflies.
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