Braden Equities Adopts New Technology to Enhance Client Experience

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At Braden Equities, we strive to be a leading property management company that investors or condominium corporations can turn to for assistance in running their multi-family building(s). Tenants also come to us to look for a place to call home because we provide quality service. To uphold that goal, we are constantly seeking out new technology and processes that make us more valuable to our many clients.

Before Christmas, we were exploring a new technology that would increase our client experience while maximizing the return on your investment. After much consideration, we have decided to adopt this new technology to bring more value-add to our clients. Braden Equities is among one of the first property management companies to deploy such a tool in Alberta.

Benefits of This New Technology

With the adoption of this new technology, all our clients will benefit—investors, condominium corporations, and renters. Let’s explore how it will effect each client group.

Investors/Condominium Corporations - For investors, this new technology will help decrease vacancy rates and refocus budgets to get the most value out of them. Your marketing metrics will be measured and scrutinized using this software to help you optimize your marketing efforts and dollars. We will now be able to track where your tenants come from be it email, walk in, calls, or appointments. From here, we are better able to determine what the best and most cost effective advertising avenues are, which will attract tenants and decrease the vacancy rates in your multi-family building. This software will also allow us to handle leasing inquiries faster and measure the conversion rates of prospective tenants. 

Renters - This new software will increase the efficiency of Braden Equities’ operations, which will benefit renters and prospective tenants. If you have problems or concerns after hours, you can contact Braden Equities and receive an immediate response. An employee will then follow up with you in a timely and effective manner. If you would like to tour any buildings or units available for rent that have caught your eye, this program will allow you to book an appointment online easily instead of calling in. If you schedule a tour or book an online appointment, the program will send you a quick reminder via text or email. Additionally, it will also expertly track emails, calls, and inquiries, ensuring no form of communication we have received has been missed or overlooked.

When it comes to the experience of our employees, this technology will also help us become more consistent in our approach to issues, concerns, and day-to-day operations. It will train our team members, such as resident managers, to provide you with a better overall customer experience.

Braden Equities’ philosophy has always been quality over quantity. Our priority has always been to deliver the best results possible for our clients, and this new software will help us do just that. With decreased vacancy rates, better targeted marketing, and more effective communication, this new technology will increase all our clients’ overall customer experience.

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