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Interview With Braden Paquette – Part One

Recently, we sat down with our very own Braden Paquette. For those of you who don’t know, Braden is the Vice President of Braden Equities, and the son of Bob Paquette – President, owner and founder of the company. We had the chance to ask Braden about his philosophies on property management, where he sees the industry headed, and what he would wish to say to his current and future clients. His insights are enlightening in a number of ways, but perhaps most importantly, they give us a first-hand account of the obstacles that are present in the modern world of property management, and how solutions are being found through new approaches and systems. 

Hello Braden, thank you for doing this with us. Could you please start by telling us about any special training or qualifications you might have.

Well, I’ve been involved in property management since I was 14, maybe even before that. My dad had me painting fences and working in suites since I was pretty young.

On the certification side of things, I’ve got my Bachelor of Management, and my Associates License as well.
How does your everyday job differ from that of other employees, and what makes what you do important for the everyday functioning of the company?

Basically, I’m someone to rely on and calm things down. I help people deal with the problems that come up day-to-day. I work pretty close with our staff on a lot of our systems stuff. I also oversee accounting to make sure that’s all running in the right direction.

I answer to a lot of our high priority clients (who I maintain contact with on a weekly basis). I usually go around to all of my property managers and see what they have going on. It’s all about efficiency and teaching them how to deal with people. I’ve been dealing with a lot of the clients for many years.

What would you like those who are looking for a property management team to know about Braden Equities?

I think the biggest thing I would want to express is that we manage the properties as if they’re our own. My dad and I would talk about how we would wake up from dreaming about a client’s property and how we could make it better. It’s literally on our minds all the time.

Bob is now doing some things on his own, but he’s still somebody that we all lean on, and we constantly tap into with his 40 years of experience. My dad has been buying property since the 80’s you know. We’ve tried a lot of different ways. Anything from the kind of appliances we put into the types of renovations we do.

Where do you see the company going in five years?

I’d like to be known in the industry as the best property management company in the Edmonton and surrounding area. I see a good stable property management base with the very best clients and properties.

What are a few of the essential services that Braden offers?

We provide a service on the property management side of things as well as the project management. I feel that our services are the best in Edmonton, knowledge wise, pricing wise, and again with my dad’s (Bob Paquette) experience from trying every possible scenario. Additionally, we have great relationships with the contractors we use, and they have grown with us over the years. Our clients get the benefit of all of those things at their disposal.

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