The Braden Vision: Interview With a Property Manager – Part One

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Recently, we sat down with John, one of the property managers here at Braden Equities. We had the chance to ask him about his experiences in property management, the challenges that he faces day-to-day, and where he sees the industry headed. His insights are informative in a number of ways, but perhaps most importantly, they give us a first-hand account of the obstacles that are present in the modern world of property management, and how solutions are being found through new approaches and systems.

Hello John, thank you for doing this with us.
Could you please start by telling us about any special training or qualifications you might have.

We currently take several different courses and seminars that Braden enrolls us in: The Condominium Properties Acts, Wealthy Family Residential, and How to Invest Your Money. I’m about to start my Associate’s course as well.

How does your everyday job differ from that of other employees, and what makes what you do important for the everyday functioning of the company?

My major duties include keeping up on tenant concerns and property conditions, which also entails me doing on-site inspections. I’m also always making sure to keep an open communication line with board members, as well as with contractors for any work concerns. This means everything from faucets dripping, to past due rents, to major problems such as floods.

What would you like those who are looking for a property management team to know about Braden Equities?

We’re a team. There’s a lot of experience and knowledge here that we all rely on some of the time. If I don’t know the answer there’s always someone that I can get it from – so it’s a good company to work for. Braden Equities has structure, which for me as a Property Manager is essential to be able to do my job to the fullest. Braden Equities has all of the right systems in place. All of the management here are available and very hands on.

Where do you see the company going in five years?

I think there is a lot of potential with Braden Equities. In the time that I have been here I have seen huge growth and change. I think it’s a very positive future. We’ve been told of the growth that’s coming and we’ve seen it as well.

Continued in Part Two…

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