Decorating Your Building for the Holidays

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The holidays are a wonderful chance to surprise and delight your tenants. Creating stunning holiday decorations for your building’s exterior or interior greatly enhances the entire property. Not only will your renters feel like their landlord really cares, but your image will also receive a boost, and people’s spirits will genuinely be raised.

If you’re a landlord or building manager, the holidays are also the perfect occasion to get all of your tenants together for a decorating party. It’s best to hold your event on a weeknight when most people will be home and off of work. Some ideas for activities include: a snowflake cutting station for the kids in the building, inviting tenants to bring an ornament to decorate the tree with, and serving refreshments like hot chocolate.

Finally, this time of year makes us think of giving back to those who are less fortunate, so take this chance to organize a food drive, or to participate in a local charity. For example, a bake sale could help to raise funds for a worthy cause (perhaps one chosen by your tenants). Either way, when you’re all done your building will have a beautifully festive look that your tenants will be proud of.

Follow these tips and tricks for holiday decorating inspiration:

  1. Make it Messy: The holidays are all about making merry – not perfection. It’s okay if things fall out of line or don’t match entirely.
  2. Try a Trend: It’s okay to mix in a few minor elements that might not stand the test of time. DIY dipped ornaments are totally on trend.
  3. Group Decorations in Clusters: This collection of otherwise basic gift-wrapped presents is made more dramatic and note-worthy when grouped together.
  4. Go Beyond Red and Green: Traditional colors are great, but sometimes it’s nice to break out another color scheme. Purple and gold? Why not?
  5. Wall Ornaments: Perfect for small spaces, wall-hung “trees” have all the festive feeling without the large footprint left by bigger trees.
  6. Use Organic Elements: Bring in greenery and natural branches to keep things looking real and genuine. The sculptural quality adds interest.
  7. Go for Drama: If you already chose an artificial tree, why not take it to the next level? If you don’t want to volunteer your tree for the job, do a smaller wreath.
  8. Drape String Lights Vertically: Multi-purpose classics like string lights work well OFF the tree too. They are an artsy yet casual alternative to the usual draping.
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