Edmonton’s Sustainable Blatchford Neighbourhood Redevelopment

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Edmonton is experiencing a period of incredible growth, and is one of the most rapidly expanding cities in Canada. Located minutes from our downtown core, the redevelopment of the Blatchford community will play a crucial role in our city’s future. During this project, the City of Edmonton has committed to meeting three key aspects of sustainable development – social, economic and ecological. Blatchford will illustrate what a sustainable community will look like and serve as a standard for the future

From urban agriculture to green buildings, the Blatchford Neighbourhood Redevelopment is quickly becoming a leading-edge development. This is how sustainable development in Edmonton will transform the future. By incorporating new and developing technology, along with architectural practices from around the world, Blatchford will help redefine urban living and healthy community design. The work on the project began in the summer of 2014 and the City anticipates the first stage of residential construction will take place in 2016.

Blatchford is not just a development. It’s a new way to approach sustainability. It will transform a large section of land in the heart of the city into a green, family-oriented community. It will be home to up to 30,000 Edmontonians living, working and learning in a sustainable neighbourhood that uses 100 percent renewable energy.

The project itself is expected to boost property values around the old municipal airport, NAIT Campus, and adjacent communities, such as Inglewood and Queen Mary Park. This means that for investors, there is no better time than now to consider purchasing real estate in the area. Multifamily properties are a great way to boost your cash flow and diversify your investment portfolio.

Here are some of the primary sustainability features that are part of the Blatchford Redevelopment:

  • Affordable housing, including potential student housing for NAIT.
  • A large central park and abundant open spaces.
  • Development of urban agriculture including community garden plots.
  • A large storm water lake, with natural landscaping and a boardwalk.
  • Excellent access to the LRT and transit.
  • Blatchford will ultimately use 100 percent renewable energy.
  • Housing for all stages of life, including family-friendly urban homes.
  • A town centre featuring retail, offices and homes.
  • Streets designed for walking, cycling and use of public transit.
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