Get Your Online Apartment Rental Ads Noticed With These 5 Tips

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Advertising online is an effective avenue to fill vacancies in your multi-family building. Not only is online advertising more cost effective than traditional print methods, but it has a much farther reach, allowing hundreds of people to view your unit. Online ads can also be optimized for any device be it a tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

How to Increase Interest in Your Apartment Units with Rental Ads

If you’ve written a rental ad for a quality unit and have yet to receive hardly any interest, something is definitely wrong with your ad. There are two components of an ad that may have problems: the copy (the text and words that have been written about the unit) and the photos. What you absolutely shouldn’t do is look to other online ads for inspiration—95% of them are terrible and ineffective. Here’s how you can get your apartment rented, and turn a generic rental ad into a lead-generating asset.

  • Target your ideal tenants: A huge problem with many of the apartment rental ads out there right now is that they’re written for every Tom, Dick, and Harry who happen to land on the page. You don’t want every Tom, Dick, and Harry, though; you may only want Tom. Therefore, the copy of your rental ad should be targeted to Tom, his wants, and his needs.
  • Create a lasting, powerful image: Again, this one is all about the copy and its effectiveness. With your rental ad, you want to create an image of how great and awesome it is to live in this particular unit, located in this specific building, found in this coveted location. You need to know your ideal tenant inside out and how your unit can address their needs, wants, and problems. If you’re targeting university students, describe the unit as an easily accessible place for friends to meet, study, and hangout. Are you too in the zone to grab supper? Order take out from one of the many drool-worthy, inexpensive places to eat close to the building.
  • Explain the details: Nothing is more annoying than an ad that doesn’t really say anything. When you write it, make sure to include the details of what’s included with the unit, and don’t forget to list attractive amenities. These details need to be included, but shouldn’t start the ad. List these features after you’ve painted the pretty picture of living there. Some things to include would be the square footage, rent (with or without utilities), the number of bathrooms, pets, location, and parking information.
  • Post attractive photos: Bad photos can be a huge turnoff to potential tenants. Visible signs of clutter, damage, or uncleanliness can send possible renters running. Therefore, it’s important not to take pictures of the unit when the current tenant is still living there. Wait until the unit has been cleared out and cleaned to show what it truly looks like. If you can’t wait, remember to use photos that are well lit and visible.
  • Make it eye-catching: Generic headlines don’t attract tenants; they cause people to keep scrolling right past. Apartment listing websites like can have thousands of ads posted monthly. How can your ad compete with all the others? Channel your inner writer and create a headline that will stop their scrolling dead. Address their current pain point (tired of a dirty roommate?), or start painting the picture (walk the beach every night). Headlines like these will get attention from everyone, not just your ideal tenant.

Don’t make your apartment rental ad a flop. If you have a quality apartment available, do it justice. Focus on the details of your copy and the quality of the photos to get your apartment ad noticed and finally rented.

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