Snow Removal Tips for Condo Board Members

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Come wintertime, snow can become quite a nuisance for multi-family properties and condo buildings. Unlike normal residential properties, these buildings have more area to keep snow free including parking lots and more sidewalks. Because there is more outside area to keep clean, it can be a tiresome chore to handle by yourself.

Why You Need to Make Sure Snow Removal is Done Properly

You shouldn’t add snow clearing to your personal list of things to do. It can be time-consuming, especially in the event of a blizzard or heavy snowfall. A professional company, on the other hand, has the proper equipment, such as a skid steer, to do the job quickly and efficiently. They’ll be well versed in the running of this equipment and will be able to operate the machine safely. Hiring a professional snow removal service will ensure the job gets done safely and in a timely fashion.

Before signing a contract, you must state what areas the snow removal company will be responsible for clearing and how often. In doing so, there will be no miscommunication about who’s responsible for which sections. Determine how often they’ll come, and discuss expected availability during special circumstances such as a blizzard. This company should be responsible for clearing snow from the condo parking lot. That’s a big job that you wouldn’t be able to do without equipment. Hiring a professional snow clearing service ensures all entrances and exits to the building and the property remain accessible. Tenants and owners will still be able to leave the parking lot and won’t have to battle their way through deep snow. A parking lot that contains a small quantity of snow will receive less owner complaints than one that has more.

Along with snow removal, many professional companies also deal with the resulting ice that follows. As every Edmontonian knows, our winters see multiple periods of freezing and thawing before the season ends. As a result, large patches of ice can form around the condo building. These ice patches are a safety hazard, particularly for senior citizens and children. A professional company can ensure your tenants remain unharmed by winter hazards.

Two Things Your Snow Removal Contract Should Cover

Now that you’ve made the practical decision to hire someone to take care of this job, there are a few details in the contract you shouldn’t rush through.

  • Define liability - Who is held responsible in the event of a tenant slipping and injuring themselves? Who is to blame is the sidewalk sustains damages? Defining liability will help settle any conflicts between you and the snow removal company that may arise from such scenarios. Before the contract is finalized, identify any areas of concern that already have cracks or other damages.
  • Look for hidden fees - Winter can be unpredictable. One day we can see above average temperatures, and the next brings with it a few centimeters of snow. Blizzards or unusually cold temperatures may require you to pay additional fees for the overtime work of the snow removal company. If this is the case, make sure the contract states so. Depending on the location of your condo and the access the snow removal company has, the cost of snow clearing may be greater.

How Snow Removal Helps Your Pavement and Prevents Potholes

Another benefit of making sure the job gets done properly is that it will save you expenses in the future when we’re once again graced with sunshine and warm weather. Removing snow decreases the number of potholes that can form in your condo’s parking lot. The constant freeze and thaw cycle causes cracks in the pavement to expand, creating large potholes. If there’s a substantial crack located in your parking lot, ask the company to push snow piles away from it. If the piles are close, the repetitive freeze and thaw process will make the problem much worse. Regular snow clearing can add more life to your parking lot and decrease your maintenance bill come summertime.

Although snow removal services are an additional expense, there are many benefits to putting that job on someone else’s plate. Hiring a professional snow removal company will ensure the job is done safely and efficiently, keep the property accessible, and save you money on pavement maintenance.

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