Welcome to Braden Equities Inc.’s New Home on the Internet

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Braden Equities Inc. has officially launched their new website!

The site, which is a more modern, dynamic and carefully planned portal to position Braden Equities Inc. among the leading real estate companies in the country, is easier to navigate and explore.

This updated platform has several new features to help new clients and old alike easily find what they are looking for. Braden Equities Inc. is already working on many other features to serve their clients better through the new site, which is designed to continue growing and updating itself. 

One new feature we’re excited about on the rebooted website is a new portal for all of the condo papers we use. This portal allows property owners to access condominium documents easily at their own convenience. This ultimately allows Braden Equities Inc. to provide several key documents to those owners who need them.

This makes it easier for both owners and Braden Equities Inc. employees because there is no longer the need for Braden Equities Inc. staff to pull the documents their clients need-- the website retrieves the documents for the clients, once they complete their request.

Of course, there are a few documents that require the approval and signature of Braden Equities Inc. before they can be released to clients, but barring these exceptions, we are confident with this change in policy.

Explore our new home on the internet!

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