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Regardless of the type of investment property that you have, we at Braden Equities Inc. have decades’ long experience in Edmonton commercial property management. We have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to bring businesses together for success. We employ a commitment to client service excellence based on competence, integrity, and knowledge, so you know that you can trust our advice.

Understand the Factors That Affect Your Investment’s Success.

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As Edmonton’s office market continues to increase, we want our clients to understand the factors that affect their investment’s success. We can give you the insight and understanding of how location, rentability, and space are interrelated and influence security, profitability and liquidity of your property.

Investing in commercial property with rent as a source of income brings several advantages. We can help you make this decision, so your property delivers the expected profitability.

Braden Equities works with you to make the best commercial real estate investment decisions. But what should buyers interested in commercial real estate investing keep in mind when they want to invest?

Factors That Can Affect a Commercial Property Investment

Many factors can affect a commercial property investment. But what should buyers keep in mind when they want to invest? First, the best investment opportunities result from the best conditions, such as security, profitability, and liquidity. Every investment requires knowledge and a certain degree of caution. In the internal phases, research is crucial to determine which regions in the city are expanding or are already well-valued. Finally, it is essential to think about the rental rates applied, and the time it will take you to make back your investment. 

What Our Managers Can Do:

  •  Competent lease analysis
  • Accurate, easy to read operating cost reconciliations Lease set up, strategic planning and consulting
  • Efficiency in managing leasing operations
  • An experienced tenant selection and retention process
  •  Enhanced short-term and long-term performance
  •  Specialized financial statements to ownership
  • Maximizing capital value through economic management of operating expenses 

Commercial real estate investing can be incredibly profitable when done correctly. Location is another essential factor that needs to be considered when investing in commercial property. Things like easy access to Edmonton Transit and the number are parking spots available are critical attributes to consider.

Understand the Factors That Affect Success

As Edmonton’s office market continues to increase, it’s essential to understand the factors that affect its success. If you’re interested in commercial property investing, Braden Equities has the experience and market knowledge to help get you started; contact us today to learn more.

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