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Our experienced Edmonton condominium managers have the specialized knowledge needed to provide your condo board with insightful support and guidance for condominium projects in Edmonton and Area.

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Condo Management Edmonton

Successfully managing condominiums is a very complex and complicated field.  Not to mention lots has changed in the last 10 years. With new versions of the Condominium Property Act, new technologies and higher standards of service needed for owners it is now more important then ever to work with an experienced team.

When you work with our team you get a proven method and support system to truly have a well run and managed condominium.  You can trust that we are capable of handling everything on both the front and back end to empower our Board of Directors to focus on making excellent decisions. Leave the rest to our team. It’s what we do best. 

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Our Services Includes:

  • Competent, trained property managers
  • Edmonton condo management solutions that save money and create efficiency
  • Specialized financial statements
  • Short and long-term goal setting for common area operating expenses
  • Preparation of comprehensive preliminary budgets for board analysis
  • Expert enforcement of bylaws and tenant control
  • Short and long-term goal setting for reserve fund replacements
  • Timely responses to owner inquiries
  • On call 24/7 for all emergency situations

Apartment Building Performance Assessment

  • Vacancy Rate Outlook eBook
  • Renovation Checklist For Multi-family
  • Case study: Transforming Apartment Performance
  • Rental Pool Checklist
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