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Braden Equities Inc. offers help with managing rental pools. 

For over three decades, Braden Equities Inc. has provided excellent returns while maintaining our clients’ investments through the careful management of rental pools in Edmonton.

Creating a rental pool is a strategic decision that will create more opportunities for ROI.

Rental pools are formed by a group of investor owners who agree to pool their combined rental income from all their units and share the expenses of all units.

Full-Service Rental Pool Management Program

Full-Service Rental Pool Management Program

Braden Equities Inc. offers a full-service rental pool management program. This program means that you can give all the daily tasks that come with being a landlord to us, and take more time to focus on others things you want to accomplish.

What We Offer When Managing Rental Pools:

  • Strategies to maximize returns
  • Hands-on, proactive leadership
  • Timely remittances
  • Monthly income/expense statements
  • Proactive in marketing potential vacancy using the most economical means available
  • Economic management of common expenses to achieve minimum condominium/strata fee charges

Our Other Services Include:

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