Phyllis Dutchak

Thank you for your February Statement. I really appreciate your hard work on Parkridge. You are doing all the right things. There are times when the market goes in cycles, it goes down and stays down for quite some time. I know what I am talking about because I have been there before. The market turned down in Toronto and stayed down for five long years and then it came up again. I greatly appreciate you working on the cockroaches and bedbugs which is another major challenge. Managing rental property is a tough job and I am impressed with your commitment to Parkridge. I used to own five small townhouse units that I totally managed for around 13 years and I also acted as a property management for the 30 unit building and as a result, I have a real good appreciation for your hard work. I own two 3 bedroom units at Parkridge under my company name, Ablehills Corporation. Thanks.

Gordon K

I bought my apartment building a little over ten years ago.  It was crucial that I have a strong management company I could trust since I live in Ontario.   One of the top commercial brokers in Edmonton  recommended Braden Equities.  I followed that advice and Braden Equities has never let me down.

Glen CowanGlen Cowan & Associates

In our capacity as commercial real estate appraisers and reserve fund planners, I have had the opportunity to work with Bob and his team for close to 20 years on numerous properties, both commercial and residential.

In recognizing the quality of the property reporting and documentation, as well as the obvious physical maintenance of the assets, Braden Equities is a leader in the property management industry. Their knowledge of the physical operations of all aspects of building results in Braden Equities-managed buildings typically operating at a high level of efficiency. They have become a trusted resource in providing advice to our firm as to identifying potential solutions to property inefficiencies that we encounter through the course of our business.

When we take on an assignment and we learn that Braden Equities is the property manager, we know that we will be receiving well-organized and readable statements and documents on a timely basis, as well as exceptional cooperation, which makes our job easier. I would have no hesitation in recommending Braden Equities to my clients who are seeking active and complete property management services.

Edwin MargawangEquitystreet Investments Ltd.

I highly recommend Braden Equities to all property owners and condo boards. Their hands-on approach to property management has helped over 600 of our owners in more than 10 condominium buildings, increasing their return on investment and managing their cash flow year after year. Braden Equities has managed both the individual rentals and condominium corporation for our clients. I have worked with Braden Equities since 2003 and continue to have them manage our new acquisitions. We love how both Bob and Braden are just a phone call away for us.


I have worked with Braden and his family for over a decade on multiple projects and his is a vital member of my team.  He is always my first call for his market and building opinions, and possesses vast expertise and experience in Multi Family.  I have come to rely on Braden Equities and their team through all markets Alberta has faced.

Geoff HandsenGrant Thornton LLP

I have worked as an adviser to the Braden Equities team for 5+ years.  In that time I have found their team to be very well positioned to adapt to the ever changing real estate market.  They provide both myself and their clients timely and relevant information to help make informed decisions.  From a property management standpoint their reporting process is very efficient and accurate in what they do.  I thoroughly enjoy working with their team and look forward to many more years of the same.

Wes Siemens

Braden Equities manages both of our Edmonton apartment buildings and we are quite happy with the service they provide. The local knowledge they have has been very helpful right from purchasing investment properties, renovations and ongoing property management. As someone who has investment properties in multiple cities, I highly recommend Braden Equities for your Edmonton area properties.