Multi-Family Management

Finding excellent tenants is one of the most critical tasks in a multi-family property. Our advertising process ensures we attract potential renters with all necessary qualifications, and our team makes rent collection seamless for both landlords/owners AND their current residents! We also have highly skilled maintenance staff available 24 hours per day to take care of any need or emergency at hand - no matter how big it may be; you can rest assured knowing we’ll get right on top of things soon.

With over 40 years in business, Braden Equities Inc is one of Edmonton and Calgary area’s premier multi-family management companies. For any inquiries, please contact us or give us a call at 780-429-5956.

Tired Of Being Oversold And Disappointed In The Finished Project?

Let’s just get right into why our services will benefit your property.

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Giving you better ROI

Completion Times on Projects Are Faster Than Anyone

Depending on the project, we can renovate your unit in as little as 10-14 days. Giving you better ROI and increasing rental value. However, we understand that a rushed job is not worth it in the long run. That’s why we focus on delivering top-notch results with our renovations, ensuring that your property will stand the test of time.

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How Does Our Multi-Family Management Service Save You Money?

No backend hidden costs

When it comes to multi-family management our focus is on both the big and small things. Such as the actual expense it will take to get the utilities uploaded. So we can hit the ground running. Our team takes the time to carefully craft each project, meaning you can avoid all of those backend hidden costs you get with other multi-family management companies.  

Lower operating costs for you

As a result of our efficient payment processes and a large volume of contracts, we can offer lower contractor pricing for our services. Our prompt payment schedule also allows us to attract top contractors in the industry. So choose us for your project and benefit from outstanding work and affordable prices.

Make the right choice with Braden Equities Inc

To date, we have been involved with more than 40 successful projects that resulted in increased property value and cash flow in a short period of time. Our largest project has been a four-building complex consisting of 236 units, which was completed in a six-month period. Trust Braden Equities with your real estate management in Edmonton & area.

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