5 Signs You May Want To Resign From Your Board Immediately

If you are reading this, it’s either because you have left your condo Board and life has never been so good, and you want to validate the decision you made. Or you are apart of a Board and are wondering why you ever raised your hand and volunteered.

No matter the reason for reading, we by nature tend to hold on to things far too long before we finally can let something go. Whether it be personal relationships, sitting on a Condominium Board or that old shirt in the closet you haven’t worn in 10 years.

However, the stakes can be a bit higher when you sit on a Condominium Board. Either way, every Condominium Board has relatively the same indicators that it’s time to jump ship.

Your Meetings Are Always Long, Tedious and Unproductive

Ever sat through a 3-hour meeting? Ya, this is the stuff of nightmares for Board members and Property Managers. If you consistently have long discussions, there is an alignment issue on the Board. This is not something one person can often fix. Unless you feel you can help the Board, then it likely makes sense to leave and allocate your time elsewhere.

There Are Feuding Factions on the Board

One of the most significant signs you should exit your Board is when the Board is divided. One half hates the other and vows to bind together to fight the other half. Each half only talks to their half and has a running group chat making fun of the other half. It’s like a game of Survivor, but in the end, there’s no prize, and no one wins. Time to move on and leave the drama behind.

One Board Member Acts Like a Dictator of a Small Country

This is more common than you think. Many Boards have one person (usually the president but not always) that is only interested in hearing themselves speak. This individual talks over any suggestion or discussion until he beats everyone into silence. It’s his or her way or the highway, and any objection results in a tantrum. If they know it all, then let them do it themselves. Let them play dictator and look to rejoin when this person moves on or has a change of heart. 

Things Get Missed, and Things Rarely Get Done on Time

This is often the case when a Board can’t get on the same page. There is no simple system to relay direction and keep people accountable. The only thing that can fix this is a strong leader. If everyone can’t get on the same page and row in the same direction, it just turns into a big mess. Your Property Manager will likely help here, but depending on the Board, some Boards enjoy the chaos and don’t want help to fix it. You may want to move on, or you’ll just become a part of the show. 

By-Laws? You Mean Those 30 Pages of Suggestions I Have Never Looked At?

This one is scary and is why we have Lawyers and Law firms who specialize in Condominium Law. Most Board members don’t realize the Liability concerns in not following by-laws. It can be huge! Lawsuit huge.

If you see your Board make an emotional decision without checking their by-laws, you may want to consider what you may be getting into. It’s like speeding. It’s great when you are getting away with it but painful when you eventually get caught or, worse, hurt someone.

In the end, this is a volunteer Board, and if you have joined a Board with good intentions, I feel for you. However, in many cases, the environment on the Board is not set up for success. What’s even more frustrating is it’s usually your long term Board members are the ones creating these issues.
Unfortunately, you can’t change people, and there aren’t enough people at your Condominium who want to join the Board. So most Boards are stuck with what they got. Do yourself a favour and save yourself the stress and drama if you have tried everything, but things are still messy.

The other option is to hire an experienced Property Management company who can bring in some structure. This is many cases, is the only way to bring in new ideas and get some change.

Braden Equities Inc. is an Alberta owned and run Property Management company, servicing Edmonton and the area for over 25 years. We strongly believe in focusing on our team, getting things done and being financially literate to help our Boards.

If you are a Board in Alberta looking for Property Management Services or need some advice. Give us a call. We are always happy to help.

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