Edmonton Capital Region Expansion Investment Opportunities

Edmonton is growing at a rapid pace. Over the course of just two years, our city has gained over 60,000 residents. That means Edmonton has added the equivalent of a small city to its population, and is one of the fastest-growing regions in the entire country. This growth is driving the Edmonton capital region expansion investment opportunities that are available with the increase in population. It is attracting investment on a massive scale, creating opportunity for its residents, and bringing in top talent from other places as well.

The Capital Region will continue to improve its bright future with important investments in infrastructure, services and communities that will bring benefits to its citizens. These investments attract other types of ventures making Edmonton a strong investment market. This means more employment choices than ever for people in the Edmonton region. The momentum that this growth brings strengthens the economy, making it less vulnerable to peaks and valleys, and more desirable to new retailers, restaurants, and festivals.

There is also a downside to this boom, which includes less pleasing traits, such as potentially higher housing prices, and frequent traffic jams. So how can we manage growth without sacrificing our wonderful quality of life?

As the folks over at The City of Edmonton say, “The answer comes from responsible and forward-thinking planning. It requires a dedication to the responsible development of land to house newcomers, support industrial and commercial investment attraction and collectively lift the entire region”.

This of course begs the question, what are the most important Arena District Development Projects? (Source: edmontonjournal.com.)

  1. Rogers Place: The 18,641-seat Rogers Place, on the north side of 104th Avenue at 103rd Street, will be the Oilers’ new home and site of concerts and shows.
  2. City Office Building: This curving 27-storey structure at 10330 101st St. will have 18 floors leased to the City of Edmonton for its downtown staff.
  3. Stantec Tower: Edmonton engineering and architectural consulting firm Stantec will have its headquarters here, on the northwest corner of 103rd Avenue and 102nd Street, in a 62-storey complex.
  4. Hotel/Condo Tower: This upscale hotel, at the southeast corner of 104th Avenue and 102nd Street, is aimed at fans attending hockey games and concerts at the arena. It will have condos on upper floors.
  5. Residential/Retail tower: The downtown Greyhound bus station on the southwest corner of 103rd Street and 104th Avenue will be gone, (its lease expires in 2016) and in its place will be a retail and residential tower. This block of 103rd Street will be a pedestrian-oriented road similar to Rice Howard Way.
  6. Retail Buildings: New low-rise buildings on the north side of 103rd Avenue between 102nd and 103rd streets will frame the outdoor plaza that will be across 104th Avenue from the arena, and will feature shopping and restaurants.
  7. Arena District “Trophy” Tower: The Baccarat Casino will be gone and in its place, arena district developers promise a “trophy” development that might include residential towers.

The Edmonton region is a thriving, growing community, and it is the job of its citizens to ensure challenges are met and opportunities are capitalized on through collective partnerships.

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