Things to Consider When Renovating a Rental Unit

This is a special before-and-after case study of a property managed by Braden Equities Inc. If you like the transformation, feel free to contact us and learn how we can refresh your investment properties.


  • Dated, worn or stained carpets must be replaced.
  • Lino and tiles should be updated to modern standards to complete the flooring transformation.
  • Try to use only two different colours throughout.
  • Consider a quality laminate floor covering over carpet replacement. Longer life expectancy offsets the extra cost if you use laminate.


  • Dated, old light fixtures should be replaced with modern fixtures.
  • Energy efficient lighting should be considered for obvious reasons.


  • Shut off valves checked for function and replaced if necessary along with zone valves, thermostats, and fans that are defective.
  • Old toilets should be replaced with low flush alternatives along with water saver showerheads.
  • Plumbing fixtures including tubs, tub surrounds and sinks should be replaced if chipped or worn enamel as this makes them appear unsanitary.
  • Resurfacing tubs is not a long term solution nor economical.


  • Old dated appliances should be replaced with modern.
  • Two bedroom units must have a larger fridge which may require minor alteration to the cabinets.


  • Baseboards, casings, curtain rods and window coverings are all important features to consider in any renovation or modernization program.
  • Bathroom and bedroom doors may also require painting or replacement along with dated hardware.
  • Kitchen cabinets are a key to all renovations. Consider painting with a complete change of hardware. An economical alternative to replacing the cabinets is installing modern cabinet doors using the original boxes.
  • The unit must present a clean, sanitary environment in order to attract a quality tenant. Windows must be weatherproof and clean.
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