Why Invest in Multi-Family Properties in Edmonton?

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Multi-family properties are becoming an increasingly smart investment. 

Alberta has always been a wonderful province and its capital city has always been a city full of great potential. It is also considered the best province for those thinking about investing in rental properties.

Edmonton is the 5th largest city in Canada, and according to the Edmonton Economic Development, “Edmonton is growing at a rate that’s twice as fast as the national average. Between now and 2020, the city will see $5.5 billion invested in development of residential towers and retail spaces, office towers, new hotels, educational institutions, arts and culture facilities and light rail transit.”

This year has seen the province gain economic momentum, and industry insiders attribute this to investment in Edmonton’s multi-family residential market, which contributed to the record-breaking quarter. Even now, the mortgage rates in Edmonton are still considered low and the population continues to grow; these are signs of economic growth and development.

Per the data published by CBRE Limited, the second quarter of this year was the best quarter ever. CBRE recorded $1.49 billion in commercial real estate investments, which represents a 51% increase from the previous quarterly record of $994 million; the previous record was set in the fourth quarter of 2016.

In fact, per the executive vice-president of CBRE Limited, the growth in investment in the multi-family market has been propelled by consumers who are looking for high-quality apartment buildings—especially in the downtown core.

All this means that Edmonton’s first-half investment total came to $2.07 billion; this is an all-time high for a half-year. All of this economic momentum points to Edmonton being a great city in which to invest in multi-family properties.

At Braden Equities Inc., we want to help you maximize the potential of your investment.

To help you achieve this, we want to go through the reasons why investing in rental properties in Edmonton signals financial gain for you.


When you invest in multi-family real estate, you are spreading the risk over an entire building with a larger number of units all under one roof. This means that you (the investor) are able to limit your risk because you have several tenants to pay for your expenses.

Cash Flow

Investing in rental properties also gives you more opportunities for cash flow. When you purchase and manage your property, income is generated every month giving you a passive income stream.


Historically, a property’s value doubles every 20 years. This means that over the longterm, the value of your property will increase and be protected from inflation. This is why real estate continues to be a powerful method for building wealth.

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Edmonton is a prime location for investors because it is a city full of great potential. With its considerably low mortgage rates, Alberta is the best province for people who are thinking about investing in rental properties.

We at Braden Equities Inc. would be more than happy to help you maximize the potential of your investment. With the expertise that comes from managing more than 4,000 units, we can easily maintain your large multi-family residential projects and successfully improve your investment.

Braden Equities wants to help you maximize your ROI on your investment. Our decades’ long experience in multi-family residential management allows us to give you the insight to make the right investment choices for you. 

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