The #1 Thing Your Property Manager Hates About Your Board

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It is always amazing to hear feedback from Boards on how frustrating it is when their perfect Property Manager retires, takes a leave or resigns.
What most Board of Directors in Condominiums don’t realize is that they play a massive part in the turnover of their managers. After all, the saying goes, people don’t leave jobs. They leave people. What’s interesting is that I have yet to meet a Board who realizes how they unwillingly terrorize their manager into early retirement, higher blood pressure and madness. So we understand that this is not intentional, but the result is often the same.

So while there are many reasons why your manager may dislike working for your Condominium Corporation, the most popular reason is you are emailing, texting and calling way too much! Some Board Members treat their Property Manager like a 24-hour personal assistant. Every thought and concern turns into an email or text, and every Board member jumps in to add their 2 cents. We have had cases wherein 24 hours; our team has been included in over 100 emails from one Board (the current record sits at 102). We know other industry members who reported coming back from Christmas to 297 emails. Happy 2020 Property Manager, now. Can you get back to me on my 30 requests? No, I am not making this up. 

Of course, managers don’t mind being included in the discussion, and we understand no one is perfect. We aren’t asking for perfection. However, be considerate and do your best to be efficient with communication. It’s important to know we manage other properties, projects, and tasks and want to get things done for you. Getting bogged down in over-communication is very frustrating since we know the Board will grow unhappy if things don’t get completed. 

Below are a few tips to keep things efficient and ensure your good property manager will be around a long time. 

  • Have one Board member communicating with your manager.
  • Leave all non-urgent items to Board meetings or your weekly phone call.
  • Don’t email when a call is more appropriate.
  • Keep communication efficient. 
  • Never text or direct message your manager.
  • Never email, text or call your manager directly after hours.

If you are rolling your eyes right now saying this is business, and the manager needs to be at my beck and call, my guess is that you may not have many friends. But that’s ok we still appreciate all Board members.

Just be aware that eventually, you’ll likely be given notice. Or in other companies, you will only cycle through Property Managers over and over every six months. In the end, no one will be happy. However, if you strive to be efficient, you will find your manager will work even harder for you and ultimately love working with you.

Braden Equities Inc. is an Alberta owned and run property management company, servicing Edmonton and area for over 25 years. We strongly believe in focusing on our team, getting things done and being financially literate to help our Boards. If you are a Board in Alberta looking for Property Management Services or need some advice. Give us a call. We are always happy to help.

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