How Our Vision Will Help Your Multi-Family Investment in 2017 Market Conditions

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If you’re a real estate investor or condo board member searching for help to navigate 2017 Market conditions, you’re looking in the right place. A slow real estate market, high vacancy rates, and a potential rent increase cap are some of the risks that can affect any investment, especially real estate and multi-family buildings.

What’s better than having an expert by your side to help you navigate through these market uncertainties? We can plan everyday operations, ensure you’re keeping your investment profitable, and lower your risks.

When searching for a suitable property management company, there’s various things you need to look at. Investors and condo boards need to make sure the company has a license. The company should also have a great reputation and multiple years of experience. You also need to look at the systems they have in place, what services they offer, how much they charge, and their own long-term growth plan.

How Braden Equities Inc. Can Help You

We are a licensed property management company based in Edmonton who focus on Alberta’s market. Braden Equities Inc. has successfully managed apartment buildings in Edmonton since the 1970s. A lot has changed since then, but our commitment to residents living in each building we manage has not. There’s a lot of experience and knowledge within our company. We have the right systems in place, and we’re very hands on.

There’s always two sides to the property management job: making sure the owner’s assets are well taken care of and profitable, and ensuring we have happy, long-term tenants. Both are equally important, and with experience in the field, we know how to give the care and attention necessary to each side. Our philosophy has always been the same. "Provide honest, exceptional service that isn’t going to change with market conditions. We just want to help people basically.” We manage the properties as if they’re our own.

Highlight of the Services Braden Equities Inc. Offers

We offer turnkey solutions for investors and condo boards, starting with property management services and consulting services, to rental services and project management. We know our services are the best in Edmonton—knowledge wise and pricing wise. We have great systems in place and are deploying the best technology in the market.Additionally, we have built a great pool of contractors. Our clients get the benefit of having all these things at their disposal.

Some Market Risk Mitigation Techniques We Use

The risks of owning multi-family property are there and can include higher vacancy rates, like what we see in today’s market. We have the experience to deal with these conditions,and we help our clients with projection, planning, and budgeting. Other risks can include caps on rent increases. Something like this requires conservative long-term planning,which is customized towards our client’s goals. Our goal when working with clients is to maintain building profitability in all conditions.

We also understand the paradox of maintaining a real estate investment and the struggle to have a fully occupied building, decreased tenant turnover, and maintenance expenses. As an example, on the insurance side, we ensure our owners have the right coverage. Not all owners know exactly what is a must have and what is nice to have for a multi-family property. We have the experience to protect our clients from over spending or over looking aspects of insurance (like the policies we have in place for slips and falls), and we mitigate that by being proactive, which, in that case, would mean ensuring snow removal is completed. Even when a claim does happen, we help mitigate the risk by getting involved with adjusters. We have a 24-hour service for that.

Where do We See The Company in Five Years? 

The goal is to keep our company as one of the best property management companies in the province. We’re always working hard to improve, and we believe there’s always room to do better. Right now we’re exploring new technology to incorporate into our everyday property management operation process, which will bring higher efficiency to the system we already have in place. We are mostly the first property management company that will deploy such a tool in Alberta. We strive to improve our process and over achieve to surpass investor, owner, condo board, and tenant expectations with exceptional services that we offer here at Braden Equities Inc.

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