Preventing Property Management Problems During the Holidays

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It’s every landlord’s worst nightmare. You’re just sitting down for a family dinner during the holidays when your phone rings. It’s a tenant calling, and they have an emergency, so you’re going to have to go deal with it. Everything is put on hold until you get back from dealing with whatever issue has just arisen.

Fortunately, these types of situations can be mitigated substantially with a little planning and foresight. By looking ahead and preparing for difficult situations in advance, you’ll save yourself headaches, time and a good deal of stress. But how do you plan ahead for something that is almost always unexpected? The vast majority of tenant issues involve situations that don’t allow for a great deal of notice.

Below we’ve compiled a list of things that might go wrong during the holidays, and offered solutions that will prevent things from sneaking up on you. Happy Holidays!

Broken Appliances

If an appliance in one of your properties decides to break during the holidays, you’re legally responsible for the maintenance and repair of that appliance, which could be a big inconvenience on say, Christmas Eve. While buying a new appliance is far from cheap, doing so before it breaks down can save you a lot of hardships and complaints. Alternatively, you can make sure that all of the appliances in your suites have been inspected maintained prior to the holiday season. Just don’t let the problem sneak up on you when a little planning can prevent a big nuisance.

Leaks or Floods

If you know that your building leaks, fix it immediately, and don’t try to wait for a more convenient time. Sealing a crack or repairing a window is much easier than dealing with water damage. Tenants have every legal right to a safe home, and the longer you leave the leak, the more damage and retribution you face. Even the most insignificant seeming leaks can lead to mildew and mold, or cause water damage. That’s why this is the last type of call that you want to get during the holidays. Make sure that any issues regarding leaks or dripping pipes are dealt with far in advance of the holidays.

Pest Problems

This may seem like the least likely problem on this list, but the truth is that pest control companies do a great deal of business in the winter, when the rodents and insects like to hide from the cold. No one wants to live in a home with rodents or roaches running around. That’s why if you don’t regularly hire an exterminator, you’ll probably experience problems with pests at some point. Why let it happen during the holidays when you could be relaxing and enjoying your family? Rather than let the situation spiral out of control at an inopportune time, contact an exterminator to handle the issue before the holiday season.

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