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About Amed

Amed Shanks is a remarkable addition to the Braden Equities team, bringing a solid foundation of three years in the real estate industry. Beginning his career as a leasing agent, Amed quickly demonstrated his proficiency in managing properties. His journey then took him to the financial sector, where he excelled as a sales manager. With a family deeply rooted in real estate, Amed’s passion for the industry is both inherited and personally cultivated.

Amed’s standout strength lies in his exceptional communication skills, both written and oral. He is renowned for his relatability, personability, and the strong rapport he builds with clients and colleagues alike. These attributes are complemented by his adept problem-solving and decision-making abilities. He places high value on punctuality and respects others’ time, ensuring a professional and courteous approach in all his interactions.

Dependable, compassionate, and polite, Amed is a natural leader who motivates those around him, even in challenging situations, with a sense of humor and unwavering support. He aspires to be remembered as a good global citizen, making a significant impact by empowering others. His family and close relationships hold paramount importance in his life, and he is deeply passionate about Edmonton and its evolution into a world-class city. Amed believes that property managers can significantly contribute to this vision by providing quality service to the housing and commercial markets.

Amed draws inspiration from his grandfather, an immigrant to Canada who raised a family of seven and became a professor of law. His grandfather’s courage, determination, work ethic, and family values serve as a guiding light for Amed.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Amed has a rich background in competitive debate, having been a debate coach and national-level speech competitor. He is also trained in karate and mixed martial arts. Amed enjoys reading historical and political documentaries, architectural magazines, and automotive news. His leisure activities include playing golf, exercising, spending quality time with his family, exploring new restaurants, and traveling.

In the next one to two years, Amed aims to complete all required licensing in residential and condominium management. He is dedicated to building a long-term career and aspires to work towards purchasing an investment property. He is committed to contributing to the real estate industry while upholding the values and work ethic instilled in him by his family heritage.