Denys Shoykhet (780) 429-5956

About Denys

Denys Shoykhet is an extremely self-motivated and confident member of the Braden Equities team. He can always be counted on to take control of the situation and get the job done promptly. His quick ability to adapt and perseverance make him the perfect man for the job. Denys is also known for being a caring individual who is always the first to help when he spots someone needing assistance. He first started his career at only 14 years of age when he became involved in construction. When Denys opened a construction business with his father, who immigrated to Canada and didn’t speak English, he quickly took over communication, making him wise above his years in problem-solving and personal relations.

Denys contributes his success to his overall goal of making a difference in the lives of those around him. He finds property management to be both exciting and fulfilling. His history with Braden Equities goes back all the way to when he first moved to Canada with his parents and helped them manage a 36 unit Braden Equities building. As a property administrator, Denys is responsible for managing nine different condominium corporations’ daily operations. He is constantly working with the board of directors, owners and contractors to ensure the properties he manages are always well maintained. He enjoys new challenges and more complex projects and is driven by his desire to make a difference for his clients.