Dustin Paquette
info@bradenequitiesinc.com (780) 429-5956

About Dustin

Self-aware, ambitious, and dedicated, Dustin earned his bachelor’s degree in business management while managing a portfolio of properties before acquiring his full Associates License. Since 2009, he’s immersed himself in the industry as a leader, property manager, and business owner. An innovator and a team player, Dustin successfully leads large property turnovers, utilizing his team’s strengths and focusing on adding value for clients.

Because he’s intrinsically entrepreneurial, Dustin excels at big picture, strategic thinking and planning, professional and personal development, mentorship, and building relationships. He has a knack for strategic thinking and actively engages with other professionals to continuously learn and grow. Today, Dustin is a partner who leads new technologies, marketing, and client relations at Braden Equities Inc, in addition to overseeing the Condominium Department.