Murilo Silva Miranda 780-429-5956

About Murilo

Murilo Silva Miranda is a valued member of Braden Equities Inc., known for his unwavering passion for helping people and his dedication to the property management industry. With 7 years of experience in the field, Murilo embarked on his career as a resident manager, where his commitment and skills quickly shone through. His hard work, determination, and continuous pursuit of knowledge are clear indicators of his future success.

Murilo is driven by a desire to be remembered as a successful property manager who has adeptly handled Residential, Condominium and Commercial properties. He is committed to maintaining the properties he manages using the advanced management techniques developed by Braden Equities Inc. By doing so, he aims to enhance the value of these properties over time, thereby bringing significant value to clients.

A friendly and family-oriented individual, Murilo always ensures that every conversation ends on a positive note, reflecting his belief in the importance of good communication. Outside of his professional life, Murilo is a devoted family man who cherishes time spent with his children. He enjoys playing music and often engages in hands-on projects around the house, whether building something new or fixing something up.

Murilo’s dedication to his profession and his community makes him an invaluable asset to Braden Equities Inc. His ongoing journey towards licensure is a testament to his commitment to excellence in property management, promising a bright future for both him and the clients he serves.